I thoroughly enjoy connecting with and creating beautiful memories for families and individuals. For me, photography is about capturing the moments that make up the seasons of life that we go through. Many of the memories that I have from my early years have been sustained through frequenting our family photo albums.

I was born in Louisville, KY and I still really love living here. I grew up playing with my little sister, competing in sports, and learning about how to love Jesus and people from my family and churches. After college I lived in East Tennessee for a couple years working as a mentor at a children's home and then doing some landscaping work. I first started getting into photography on one of my 10 trips to China. You can view some of that early work here. I really love the people there and I used to talk about China so much that I was actually given the nickname Chinatown. LOL

I have been married to my beautiful best friend Lily since January 2012 and we now have 3 precious children. We live in East Louisville where we have an in-home portrait studio and strategic access to some incredible outdoor photography venues. We enjoy spending time at parks, sipping on locally roasted coffee, and laying around in hammocks.

Please contact me through the Contact link to the left with any questions or to book a photo session.

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