Thank you for taking the time to check this out! 

A member of my church is the director of a non-profit that is doing some incredible work in an underserved area of India. He has extended an invitation to myself and others to serve on a short-term trip for 2 weeks in October. 

Our group will be involved with some of the following ongoing efforts in India:

1. Serving Orphans

2. Teaching English and other Subjects

3. Building and Maintenance Work

4. Medical Missions in Leper Colonies    

5. Business as Missions

6. Training Local Pastors

My primary contribution on this trip will be photography and videography. The organization that is doing the above work all year around would like me to serve through creating content for them to better share their story.

Donations are tax deductible and will go towards my transportation, accommodations, and potentially some gear.

3 Ways to Contribute (More Info on Links Below)

1. Directly Through my GoFundMe account

2. Register a Team for a Foot Golf Tournament on July 14th - How to Play Foot Golf

3. Register Yourself or Your Family for a Photo Session on July 21st

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